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Assisted Living Communities Checklist

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  • Are there handrails or grab bars to aid in walking? Is there an elevator available for those who need it?

  • Are the bathrooms easy to navigate in?

  • Are cupboards easy to reach?

  • What are the meals like? Is there an opportunity for input by the residents?

  • How does the facility accommodate the special dietary needs of the residents?

  • Is there a copy of the Residents Bill of Rights displayed prominently?

  • Does the residence comply with local and/or state requirements?

Evaluating needs assessments, contracts, cost and finances

  • How long after admission is the resident plan of care written?

  • Are resident and family involved in developing the care plan?

  • How are the residentís need for services determined, and how often are they reassessed?

  • What are the residentís responsibilities regarding the plan of care? Can they be discharged for non-compliance?

  • Is there a policy for disciplinary action for the residents? What of the staff, what is the facilities policy on disciplinary action for protocol infractions by staff?

  • Is there a resident advocate available to discuss problems or concerns?

  • What is the cost of the services? What are billing, payment and credit policies?

  • Are there any government or other programs available to help cover the cost of services to the resident?

  • What services are included in the contract? Are there personal care, health care, accommodations and support services?


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