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Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and Caregivers

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Administering any medications must be done as the doctor directs. As with any medical decision, if your loved one is diagnosed with Alpha-1, find a doctor who recognizes the significance of diagnosis, regardless of smoking history.


Within your own family, having a member diagnosed with Alpha-1 can assist other family members should problems crop up. Since diagnosis can be confidential, testing can be done as a family health project. The goal is to help future generations maintain their health and receive treatment appropriate to their situation. The Alpha-1 Association has support groups, advocacy efforts and information that bring power to patient and caregiver.

Information can be frightening to some people. Some worry that if the insurance company is aware, they will be dropped. Alpha-1 seeks to advocate on behalf of people who may be discriminated against because of genetic conditions. The more people who supply the organization with information, the greater the chances of understanding this (and other) genetic processes.

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