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Alleviating Bed Sores Can Be Done

By Marie Santangelo, Staff Writer

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Your loved one may have at-home nursing care, but if you are around for bath time, both you and the home health aide should check together. If your loved one is in a rehab facility or nursing home, they will probably check for bedsores on admission. This eliminates their liability, and more importantly, allows for aggressive treatment to reverse the progression of the bedsore.

Keeping skin clean and dry is a “common sense” option that may be difficult to do if your loved one has any degree of incontinence. Sanitary pants that wick away moisture can help, as well as any prescribed medication that will control incontinence that is due to muscle spasms. The physician has to evaluate the degree of incontinence before prescribing any medication.

Staying mobile can be impossible for someone who is confined to a wheelchair or bed, and that’s where a trip to the medical supply store may be in order. Caregivers can research for products online that will offer physical support with less pressure exerted on a single area. Wheelchairs have come a long way since their creation, and the options for seating are numerous. Your loved one may have a “basic” wheelchair for transportation, but you can still look into possible additions that can be purchased over the counter.

Again, prevention is always easier than correction where health is concerned. Proper nutrition which may include vitamin supplements is also helpful. The body’s ability to repair itself requires adequate food and water. Individuals who don’t receive proper nutrition can have problems with healing. If your loved one has trouble getting the correct amounts of food into them, look into liquid vitamin supplementation, or ask the doctor for a prescription for supplements. Enzyme supplements help the body absorb what it takes in, and may be useful also.

Position And Location

Bedsores can occur in a variety of points on the body, most often where bone and muscle create higher pressure “hot spots.” The hips and spine are the two most mentioned areas, but the back of the head, knees, ankles and heels are other locations that are sensitive.

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