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Recognizing Depression in Elders

By Jennifer B. Buckley

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Real problems could develop if caregivers assume that depressive symptoms are causal of another underlying problem. To be safe, have your loved one’s doctor evaluate his or her condition. Also, there are online screening tests like this one your loved one can take, print-out and bring to their doctor to help diagnose depression. - Sponsored by the National Mental Health Association.

According to Darlene Nipper, senior director of public education for the National Mental Health Association, “Our online depression screening test is a means to enhance communication between patient and doctor. It can be used as the first step toward diagnosing depression.” The association believes that confidentiality is extremely important so the web site does not ask anyone to sign in. Additionally, results of the screening are given back to the person almost immediately.

“The online screening test has been an extremely useful tool for people,” said Ms. Nipper. “We’ve had more than 4,000,000 visitors to our website, many of which have taken advantage of the depression screening test.”

The biggest benefit of online depression screening tests is their ability to aid caregivers and their loved ones on how to talk to their doctor about depression, a sometimes difficult condition to discuss.


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