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Finding That Special Gift For That Special Child

By Hilary Gibson, Staff Writer
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  • Learn about the likes and dislikes of the child. It is even safe to say that autistic children can be somewhat “obsessive” with certain colors, patterns, or toys that help them repeat a certain sound or action over and over, so it is good to buy toys that will appeal to them for this purpose as well. Any toys or large-pieced games that form patterns or lines are great.

  • Lego’s for older children and Duplo’s for younger children are an excellent gift since the multiple parts can be assembled (these building systems are different from other toys or games that just have tons of little pieces which are not necessarily utilized). Depending upon the child’s imagination, many autistic children enjoy creating different types of shapes and thoroughly enjoy the assembly process.

  • Find out what kind of movies or shows the child likes to watch. Getting them a video or DVD can be a terrific gift.

  • Fixations with clothes or shoes is also very typical, so buying a pair of shoes or getting the kind of clothes they like will also make for good gift giving.

  • Items that can be used indoors and provide exercise are also good gifts, like a stationary bike (a previously owned one can be inexpensive).

  • There are many different type of affordable toy computers on the market that teach math, reading, spelling, etc. Try to find one that has multi-sensory components which allow the child to not only learn, but to be creative as well.

To help you with even more gift ideas, here’s a list of websites which offer toys, games that are appropriate for autistic kids: Adapt Net; Auti Toys; Come Play With Me; Dragonfly Toys (US); Dragonfly Toys (Canada); Enabling Devices; Honey the Signing Bear; Science Products; TFH (US) Limited; The Center for Creative Play; and Thomas the Tank Engine.


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