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Helping Children Gain Control

By Salha Mishaan

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To assist your childís body in more easy and routine bowel evacuation, have your child drink lots of liquids. Stay clear of caffeine (including teas and sodas). Liquids help flush the system and soften the fecal matter. Cranberry juice is good for the bladder as well as easing the bowel evacuation.

Your child should also eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetable, and cereals. Exercise will help the body as a while stay in better shape, but in terms of controlling continence, it will assist in more controlled bowel evacuations as well. Exercise helps to keep a bowel fit!

In creating a routine for your child to follow, and hopefully for your childís body to adapt to, meals should be eaten at the same time each day. Bladder and bowel emptying should be regularly scheduled as well.


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