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Caring for a Child with Diabetes

By Michelle Reynolds
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Simple Instructions to Remember when Helping Children with Diabetes

  • Treat the child the same as any other child, and understand the precautions ahead of time before a given activity.

  • Establish a customary routine you and your child can adapt to and enjoy during the day.

  • Strive to set a pattern for eating throughout the day that you and your child can feel comfortable following.

  • Never feel as though it is the childís fault for high or low blood sugar, rather stress the importance of health maintenance and proper action in case of emergency.

  • Watch the childís behavior before meals and snacks.

  • Make sure meals are eaten on schedule.

  • Do not assign physical exercise just before a meal when the child may be in need of food.

  • Arrange an inconspicuous means of taking the mid-morning and/or afternoon snack.

  • Keep a source of sugar readily available, and encourage the child to carry some form of sugar.

  • Most children need a snack at night before bed.


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