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Caring for a Child with Diabetes

By Michelle Reynolds
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Children with diabetes are the same as any other children in the need for attention, guidance, and love, but they have special needs when it comes to controlling their diabetes. Diabetes comes in two forms with children almost always diagnosed with Type 1, known as insulin-dependent, requiring regular injections of insulin to regulate the sugar in the blood. There are three things that must be regulated in order to control diabetes. They are monitoring your childís food and exercise, and supplying insulin in the appropriate dosage. There are a few methods that can control diabetes such as food, exercise, and insulin. Symptoms of diabetes include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and ketoacidosis, which is often considered a diabetic emergency. Treatments may differ, but with the right regimen, a parentís care for a diabetic child is rewarding and no different from other children.

The Needs of Diabetic Children

  • Diet

  • Children are allowed to eat the same healthy, nutritious foods as other children, but secondary caregivers such as teachers, babysitters, and relatives should be knowledgeable of the childís dietary needs.

  • Eating Habits Throughout the Day

  • Most children need snacks and fruits throughout the day at various times in order to balance out the blood sugar and to maintain its normal level.

  • Exercise

  • Diabetic children can be as active as any other child. But, because the childís blood sugar can decrease during exercise, a snack such as a banana or orange may be needed to maintain normal blood sugar level.


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