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Trials and Triumphs of Caregiving
by Rosemary J. Allender, LCSW-C

Can I
Thank you
You are special
I will still love you
Even with the roles reversed
At first I feared taking on the task
Caregiving has strengthened our bond
Memories are saved in the family scrapbook
It seems like only yesterday that you were my age
We all sat at the table as you cooked the holiday meal
Everyone gathered for the traditional family time together
There were grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and siblings
Each year it seemed like our numbers grew in leaps and bounds
Somehow, the years have slipped away and so have the crowds
We no longer need the extra card table, folding chairs or silverware
Many moved away and others have died, but we still have each other
Iím now the one cooking your secret recipes and keeping an eye on you
Life has been stressful, but I still appreciate the time that we have together
Age may have robbed you of your vitality, but not your spunk or personality
You still have that sly little grin, joyous smile and that twinkle in your eyes
Although I donít know what you are trying to say or whether to laugh or cry
When I wonder how to make it through another day, you give me the desire
I think of all that I put you through as a teen and caring for you is easier
The trips to the doctors
Late night adventures
Wandering the halls
Sharing a cup of tea
Looking for dentures
  I embrace your smile
Iím much more aware
Of the time left to share
As we hug in the night
Coping with the anger
And whisper I love you





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