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ARTICLES / Care Verses/ Silver Tendrils About My Heart

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Silver Tendrils About My Heart

by Sherry Norman

Hairbrush running through long sliver hair
Snapping, crackling, sparking shining bright
Curling about fingers with a life of its own
Tendrils wrapping tight like those about my heart
“I’m so tired, I don’t want to go on.”
“You’re so loved, darling, you must stay on.”
“When I am gone, things will change for you.”
“When you are gone, love will end for me.”
“I am in the way, I can’t lift my feet.”
“You are not in the way, I will lift your feet.”
“I can’t wash my hair, what use am I to me?”
“I will wash your hair, it’s a joy to me.”
“When I am gone, you will run all free.”
“When you are gone, I will cry for me.
I will brush your hair, I will lift your feet.
I will still your tears, you will always love me.
Sweet Mamman, please stay for me.”





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