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My Favorite Days

by Lisa Cohee

My favorite days begin as such
with a bit of sunshine and lives to touch
My favorite days consist of this
a sweet elderly lady who asks for a kiss
A woman who has been through so much pain
who simply needs me to fetch her cane
An elderly man, so quiet and lonely
asking “Won’t you come sit and talk to me?”
A woman who speaks only once in a while
but with a glance she’ll say plenty
to make me smile
A woman who seeks such independence
she says “I’ll do it myself”
but when I stop by
she calls me her “Angel”
and I could just cry
A man down the hall, with a grin on his face
he pokes fun and laughs much
when my presence I do grace
A woman who has suffered a stroke
but her spirit and spunk has never been broke
asks how my day is and more often than not
will offer a hug or a sweet little poke
The many men and women who live where I work
all of them special, with or without quirks
they make me smile in one way or another
they keep me going and make me stronger
some are gone now and some will stay
I love them all and often I pray
that I can find time in my busy day
to help them all
in even the smallest way...
this is all part of
My Favorite Days





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