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Losing Things

by Linda Albert

I've lost some important things this year;
a favorite jacket, prescription sunglasses,
discipline for dieting, my temper,
the elasticity in my thighs, ability
to con myself, energy for cooking,
friends who've up and died.

This is not a good sign. I keep thinking
they'll all show up again; I look
under beds, pull out couches,
paw through closets, wade through drawers;
I call all the places I went with them,
but no one claims they've seen them.

Every Lost and Found is empty;
I'm suspicious they were stolen;
I keep trying to remember
when I last saw them, where I,
distracted, put them down;
their locations play hide and seek with me;

I'm sure they'll show up if I just
keep on looking; I check the same places
over and over again, convinced
I've overlooked them; so far,
I've had no luck; I'm not giving up though;
they must be somewhere.





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