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In Case I Forget

by Lisa J. Schlitt

In case I forget to kiss you goodnight,
Or hold your hand gently in mine,
Just wrap me tightly inside your arms,
And remember the happier times.
In case I forget when glancing at you,
The one, who makes me complete,
Alzheimer’s may have won with my mind,
But my heart it will never defeat.
In case I forget the children we’ve raised,
Or the hundreds of stories I’ve told,
Shed not a tear, “for blessed are we,
Who forget one day we are old.”
In case I forget to tell you how much,
You’re cherished and treasured each day.
My best friend beside me to brighten the path,
And carry me all of the way.
I may greet you someday, with questioning eyes
As a stranger with whom I’ve just met,
Still, I love you my darling with all of my heart,
Remember.......In case I forget. 





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