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A Circle of Care
By Peggy Chappell

To you who shared this journey with B and me –
Who delivered care with gentle, open hearts.
You who smiled warmly and greeted her with cheer.
Who brought her bacon and muffins
and cooked breakfast again when she forgot the first meal.
You who listened as she shared her stories –
the same ones again and again smiling each time. 
You who learned to dance with her delirium
and calm her confusion
Who “took bread out of the oven,”
“cancelled appointments,” 
“called off school.”
Who took her home so many times
when she had lost her way and home was not home.
You who guided her walking as she began to lose her strength,
but not her will.
Who lifted her shrinking frame with touch so tender
and reassurance so soft.
You who stroked her hair at night to ease her to sleep
and sat by her side to quell her fears.
To all of you who cared for B and shared this journey with me, Thank you.
I will miss you and our sanctuary filled with flute music, poetry,
and so so much love.




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