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By Sue Green

The surreal world I live in
Thrust there over night
It was a stroke that hit him
Since then just nothing’s right

The frustration of it all.
The many hats I wear
The tasks that never end
The new roles that I bear

I wake up in the morning
Wishing for the past
Stick to his routines
And never move too fast

There’s someone living in my house
I know there’s someone here
Why do I feel so all alone
Even when he’s near?

Some days he comes to visit
And talks of things we share
‘tho conversation’s brief
And oft’ too short to bear.

I try to see it his way.
I try to help him out.
I know he faces struggles
For him, no easy bout.

A different world he lives in
His own pace that he sets
I try to make him understand
He sometimes tries, and yet

Can I know the effort that it takes
To put together words to talk?
Can I feel his inner struggle
When he tries to walk?

I can only be there
Let him know I’m here
I can sit beside him
And try to ease his fear.

It’s a surreal world we both live in
Just ‘one day at a time.’
With some days still a struggle
When all is not sublime.




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