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Beyond the Horizon

By Arthur N. Gottlieb, MSW, CSA

With senses intact and spring of step
With time yet to fall and recover
No thought for limitations still inconceived 
Thinking they are just stubborn or stupid
The error of the righteously imposed upon
Unwittingly repeating the sins that befell us
Our maturity tardily arrives
When acting no longer
As though we were still children
Seeing them for who and what they are
With all of their vulnerabilities
A call for reformation
While witnessing their starry twilight
Now possessed by resistance
Our denial and fear
For the sake of our miserable egos
We demand competency
And are marked by our intolerance
It is we who trespass upon them
Their veneer now frayed and torn       
We fear the world will spy
Our feverish flight
Away from them
And now from ourselves
The discontentment of youth
Fueled our exodus
As the sand slowly falls
In silent desperation
Our tenuous foothold
That they may be themselves in our eyes
Even if no longer in their own
If the past still looms
Remember Godís forgiveness
The issue no longer between you and them
But between you and your faith
The sacrifice now defined
To bear and be born
Through courage and love
Without even knowing for sure
What we are being called to do
Or why we are being called to do it
It is not yet for us to know
The answer awaits 
Beyond the horizon 




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