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Band of Brothers

by Kristine Dwyer

Men gather ‘round the table,
coffee cups in hand;
each wearing symbols of wars gone by.
Military experiences shared;
the peer support ever so strong.
Memories recalled of battles fought,
Soldiers of WWII, Korea, Vietnam....
Each had raised a hand and vowed
to serve his country and
care for his fellow man.
Young soldiers, young grooms
Each held a hand and vowed
“To love, honor and cherish
in sickness and in health,
till death do us part.”
With the passing of years,
these soldiers became caregivers.
Shoulder to shoulder they stand,
yet face a different battle together.
Duty calls and they are ready to serve,
this time caring for a loved one.
Hands once used to defend and protect
now bathe, dress, cook and guide.
Sacrifices made, dreams set aside,
but the mission remains clear.
This band of brothers has learned
to carry on life’s long journey;
facing the unknown with courage,
commitment and devotion.
Soldiers, caregivers, unsung heroes
remain steadfast to the end.

Dedicated to our United States Veterans







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