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A Survivor's Story

by Grace R. Niemczyk

It is out of compassion that I go,
Yet a role delegated by marriage.
Committed to anotherís well being,
Oblivious of the coming disparage.
With each day, now to pass,
Anxiety creeps slowly within.
Not much has changed just yet,
Anticipation,... dread will soon begin.
Disbelief of the enormity at hand,
The body shall recoil in anguish.
Muscles tighten, the mind a blur,
As the heart is left to languish.
Momentary weakness presses in,
Where one could lose self control.
Sinking low into the unknown,
The precept of a large black hole.
Swallowed up and wholly engulfed,
Darkness and fatigue close all about.
Then a light shines in the distance,
Emerges in the void to stand out.
Faith and strength envelop me,
Wrap me in total completeness.
I reach out and breathe it in,
Filling every pore with sweetness.
Recharged, refueled, focused and driven,
I step back into my reality.
I clench my fist with firm resolve,
Determined to see it through finality.
I shall not wither nor shall I weaken,
Yet I know moments will come to tarry.
Still, I find no one stronger than me,
In Godís grace, it is I He shall carry.
He fills me with everlasting endurance,
Beyond all I ever thought I had.
He is my sole and soul provider,
Holding me up when I am sad.
He keeps me strong to keep you strong,
For you shall not see me falter.
The times I do, are in private,
Reserved for the caregiver
God looks after.




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