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Mindfulness and Love In Your Role As A Caregiver

By: Gail R. Mitchell

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However, if you see how much time you waste, how much confusion is caused by your actions, attitude and vibrations if you aren’t focused and coming from a loving space, you will realize that by aligning yourself and becoming aware, you will create much more peace, joy and happiness for yourself and your loved one.

If your loved one has suffered a stroke and cannot speak, if they have a form of dementia and do not understand, or if they are in the final stages of their life and cannot describe the sensations they are feeling as their body is closing down, then you will not be able to tune into what they may really be needing in the moment. Just as you were able to recall the time you were pinched instead of stroked, or that crumpled bed linen that awakened you, it is your responsibility to tune in to what your loved one truly needs.

Love is the most powerful healer for both of you. Open your hearts so that your loved one may open theirs. Shift your role from being a burden to being a remarkable gift. You have a choice in how transforming and rewarding your caregiving experience can be. Make the right choice for yourself and the one you are caring for.

Richest blessings to you.

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Gail R. Mitchell is the creator of the Empowering Caregivers Site at She is also the spokeswoman for the Caregivers Area at the Boomer’s International site at She has consulted for other caregiving sites. She also contributes to many other caregiving sites on the Internet. Currently Gail is currently seeking funding for her major vision on a “Universal” Caregiving Project for the Internet.

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