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Fearless Caregiver Quick Hearing Loss Quiz

We are often the last ones to know that our hearing is not as good as it once was and hearing is extremely important as we care for our loved ones.  Take this simple hearing test to help you know if you should have your hearing tested by a professional.  This is a good test for your loved ones as well. An honest self-assessment of your hearing is a great step in becoming a formidable Fearless Caregiver.

Assign each statement a number from 1 to 5.

1 being “I agree the least with the statement”

5 being “I agree the most with the statement.”


  • People tell me that I play the T.V., radio or stereo very loudly. (1-5)

  • I often ask people to repeat themselves. (1-5)

  • It seems as if everyone around me talks too softly. (1-5)

  • I regularly have difficulty following conversations in crowds. (1-5)

  • I regularly experience ringing or buzzing in my ears. (1-5)

  • My family members have had a history of hearing loss as they aged. (1-5)




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