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Fearless Caregiver Personality Inventory

On a scale of 1-5, score with 1 being the least and 5 being the most.

  • I find it easy to convey my feelings to:

Other family members (1-5)

Doctors (1-5)

The loved one I am caring for (1-5)

  • If a healthcare professional tells me something which I donít fully understand, I ask them to repeat the instructions until I am satisfied that I understand their instructions. (1-5)

  • I find it easy to take the time I need for myself when I am feeling stressed. (1-5)

  • I use all necessary services to help me with my caregiving and know that I canít do everything by myself. (1-5)

  • I have created an informal network of family and friends to help me care for my loved ones and do not hesitate to ask them for what I need. (1-5)

  • I find it easy to have honest conversations with my family members about all aspects of our loved oneís health condition. (1-5)

  • I can talk about end-of-life issues with my loved ones. (1-5)




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