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By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Each service has its own unit and, should you be unhappy with the company you choose, you may have to purchase another system from the new provider.
Make sure the company representative answers your questions fully. Go with your intuition and how comfortable you feel with the answers. Discontinue the meeting if you are being pushed to start the service right away or the salesperson uses “fear tactics” to sell the product. In addition, apply skepticism if a company guarantees a unit is “free or you don’t pay.” Knowing what your insurance will and won’t cover is the best defense to this type of presentation.


If you have more than one family member who would benefit from a PERS, inquire about discounts as well as service options. You may need more than one land line for each unit, which will change your costs. Discuss the possibilities with your phone provider since some land lines can be set up for outgoing calls only.
Caregivers with health concerns may want to take advantage of a PERS device.
As a caregiver, if your loved one is unable to help in an emergency, you can consider a PERS for your own use. Some units are programmable to notify a specific party such as a family member or local 911, bypassing the telecare provider. If your loved one is able to communicate in an emergency situation, they can activate their own unit and get help if you need it. However, it’s important to factor in how your loved one responds under stress.


These systems have diverse applications. Loved ones who are homebound on temporary disability but not qualified for nursing services can feel comfortable when home alone. If your loved one is chronically ill and has a gap in companion or nursing care, the PERS will help caregivers over the time between shifts.
For those managing long-distance caregiving, the system can offer peace of mind between phone calls. The system works well in tandem with other resources such as geriatric or other professional caregivers. In addition, professional caregivers can reinforce how valuable the system is to your loved one.
Caregivers spend a great deal of energy caring for their loved ones. It may take time and research to find a company that will provide the service and concern that matches your own.

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