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Caregivers and the Internet

By Helen Hunter, ACSW, CMSW

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There are a few things a caregiver should be weary of when using the Internet for health-care advice and information:

  • Never self-diagnose or self-treat you or your loved-one, always seek the opinion of a professional

  • Donít believe every health web site is credible- be on guard for quackery.

  • If a site offers a cure for an incurable disease, itís probably not true.

  • Be aware of privacy policies so that your information isnít being shared with the rest of the world.

  • Keep a look out for advertisements in disguise as health-care sites; their information may not be objective.

These tips are not to frighten the caregiver away from using the Internet as a valuable information tool but merely warn them of the potential for faulty data and marketing plows. There are many substantial web sites like the one represented in this article that provide unbeatable quality and care for caregivers and their loved-ones. Remember that assistance and resources are just a few simple mouse clicks away!


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