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Caregivers and the Internet

By Helen Hunter, ACSW, CMSW

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There is almost no industry that hasn’t benefited from the accessibility, speed and convenience of the Internet, from entertainment to education, so why not health-care? It is estimated that 40% of Internet users seeking health information went on-line because they had a loved-one diagnosed with a serious medical condition, according to Gomez Advisors, a leading research source for e-businesses. Currently, there is an estimated 110 million Americans using the Internet and 70 million of them are in search of health information. There are numerous, informative health sites on the Internet in existence and more keep popping up daily

Caregiver/Lifeline MedCom’s Worldwide Medical Retrieval System provides a personal medical data storage unit, on-line for caregivers and their loved-ones. The service can be accessed through our web site at The information entered on the site is “member supplied” so caregivers may want to check with their loved-one’s doctor for medical data accuracy. The medical records are then stored in a secure central database that is protected by a special identification coding system that fully encrypts and protects data from invasion After caregivers register their care-recipient’s health information with the site, a membership card arrives in the mail with their user ID numbers and password. It’s recommended that this card be carried with the caregiver or loved-one at all times. Once the registration procedure is completed, the loved-one’s medical records can be accessed within minutes from anywhere in the world through the web site or the companies toll free number. The phone number immediately goes to a fax-on-demand system that allows the medical records to be sent to a designated fax machine. According to Mark McCoy, President and CEO of Lifeline MedCom, “The emergency data retrieval system gives the caregiver and their loved-one the security of having their historical medical records easily passed and accessed in case of an emergency.” This site is also beneficial for new doctor or specialist visits, children’s daycare, school or sporting medical information requirements and travel.


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