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Brain Exercises for Caregivers

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Take a look at how you are processing the things you need to do. By getting your brain to work a little differently, you may find that the drain you’ve experienced with these tasks is because you’re doing them the “same old way.”

Caregivers work long and hard to establish productive ways that can accomplish what they need to do for themselves and their loved ones. While set patterns can improve efficiency, if done the same way for too long, the patterns become a rut.

Examine where the “fat” is in your daily routine. While not a patented form of brain exercise, it’s a simple, inexpensive way to boost your brain. The trick is to look at your routine from a different perspective. You may find you save minutes in places you didn’t expect.Or, while it may take longer to accomplish something (like a loved one’s grooming), a change in perspective may make the experience more enjoyable.


Mental exertion can be positive and invigorating. We don’t often experience that as caregivers, however. Some decisions that must be thought about carefully often come at us from left field. Repeatedly making decisions this way can wear us down. At the day’s end, we may be both mentally and physically exhausted, unable to decide between one thing and another.


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