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Cancer and Nutrition
What Every Caregiver Should Know

by Hillary Wright, Staff Writer

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Improving Regularity

Keeping regular can be a problem for anyone, but in particular for people who have been receiving different medicines, treatments, therapies, as well as experiencing extreme metabolic changes. Here are some ideas that caregivers can use in helping to keep regular:

  • Eat high-fiber foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, or whole-grain, high-fiber cereals.

  • If a person with cancer has trouble swallowing, try grating or cooking the fruits and vegetables.

  • Donít forget to add prune juice to their diet.

  • Drink plenty of liquids and exercise as much as possible.

  • If a person with cancer still suffers from irregularity and continued discomfort, be sure to speak to a doctor.

Caregivers have an opportunity to play an active role in helping people with cancer. By understanding the importance of nutrition in the treatment of cancer, and applying useful strategies and tips, caregivers can help people with cancer regain weight and reclaim quality of life.

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