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Dear Diary


The First 19 Years...
An organizational diary

By Gary Barg


January 2014 - As we enter the 19th anniversary of the launch of Today’s Caregiver magazine, it is with thanks and gratitude to all caregivers we have met over these many years. Also, with extreme gratitude to all of those who helped to make up our own personal DNA of Character ...more


January 2013 - The first Fearless Caregiver Conference of the year hosted right near the world that Walt built includes some really tremendous caregivers. Caregiver Thought Leader panel was a big hit ...more


January 2012 - A reader asked me recently about how we can talk about “fearless caregiving” since there is so very much fear inherent in caregiving.  She found the fact that we could use the word “fearless” when talking about caregiving to be, at best, unrealistic ...more


January 2011 - Speak up when we complain about how hard it is for Mom to hear; after years at the disco, no sound is too clear. Slow down when we jog by, complaining about the man with the cane, ‘cause I think I just got a Charley horse or at least a small sprain. When I talk with Mom’s doc about her memory disorder, this time I must remember to bring a tape recorder ...more


January 2010 - Imagine the entire population of American cities the size of Montgomery, Alabama; Tempe, Arizona; Modesto, California or Lubbock, Texas disappearing within the course of one night.  Frightening.  Or consider losing the total number of people you know or ever knew.  This is the equivalent of what happened to our neighbors to the south in Haiti last week ...more


January 2009 - President Obama is sworn in as the 44th President in US history.

And what a time in history it is! There have been many messages tossed out throughout this elongated campaign season and into the new administration. One message in particular that caught my attention as a caregiver was actually demonstrated throughout the concert at the Lincoln Monument held this past Sunday ...more


January 2007 - The year starts with a personal caregiving situation.  Family loved ones who I have referred to as Anita and Fred.  Like any good Fearless Caregiver, the first thing I did was to reach out to my fellow caregivers for advice and wisdom, which I received in mass quantities.  The year also starts out with a tremendous interview with MS advocate, Montel Williams ...more


January 2005 - New Year, new hopes, old lessons. I admit it. Sometimes it is apply the principles of fearless caregiving all the times. But when I do apply them to my everyday life, remarkable things do happen. A few things first, we received commitment from our friends at Clay Aiken’s foundation (Bubel-Aiken) that Clay will be the keynote speaker at the Fort Lauderdale Fearless Caregiver Conference and we will be the official hosts of the first Voices for Change Gala to occur the night of the conference in the Spring ...more


April 17, 2002 - Sharing Wisdom conference is now five years old and a great time for all in attendance, our first Robert M. Barg Memorial award winner, Mr. Sy Sperling makes a memorable and moving speech as does our keynote speaker, CBS’s Dr. Sean Kenniff. Sad note: The keynote speaker of our first Sharing Wisdom conference (1998), Mr. Robert Urich, passed away the day before the conference ...more


May 1999 -  Our second series of “Sharing Wisdom” Conferences take to the road. 

Over the years, I’ve spoken at a variety of healthcare events, from Scleroderma to Alzheimer’s, AIDS, Huntington’s disease and Stroke conferences. I love this part of what I get to do. I love interacting with caregivers and look forward to speaking each and every time ...more


January 1997 - We are a glossy magazine! And Today’s Caregiver Magazine is now 12 pages larger. Our first glossy cover (Ms. Elizabeth Taylor).

July 1997 - Our second anniversary (could it be two whole years already?) Our cover interview is a first for the magazine. A father and son team, Nic and Marc Buoniconti of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and the Buoniconti Fund. Two very motivating people ...more


When I look back to the days before my role as a caregiver and the publication ofToday’s Caregiver Magazine, I can barely believe what a difference these past eighteen years have meant to my life. Not unlike so many of our readers, my personal journey and that of my family’s took a new direction once our family members needed our support. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of that journey with you in these few pages. I’ll start in the era that I refer to as B.C. (before caregiving) ...more

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