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Dear Diary



January 2014 

As we enter the 19th anniversary of the launch of Today’s Caregiver magazine, it is with thanks and gratitude to all caregivers we have met over these many years. Also, with extreme gratitude to all of those who helped to make up our own personal DNA of Character.

At the end of this month, we will also be hosting our
133rd Fearless Caregiver Conference in Orlando, Florida

The year starts out on a great note with a
Christopher Kennedy Lawford cover interview

February 2014 

Shocking news about the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman
The Three H’s and You

March 2014 

One of the topics of our very first issue 19 years ago still resonates.
Condo Casanovas and (gasp) Senior Sex

Morris, our Chairman of the Bark, is thrilled about this month’s
cover interview with Cesar Millan

April 2014 

Had a great time at the second event of the year (West Palm Beach).  As always, we are proud that the Veterans Administration Caregiver Coordinator joins us to answer questions.

Report: Caring for Our Youngest Warriors

The 13th anniversary Today's Caregiver Friendly Award nominations are now open. Always fun to see what new support for caregivers are being developed. This year we add facilities to the mix.

Lucky Thirteen

Great interview with Dr. Horton of the CDC about ALS

May 2014 

An extremely motivating cover interview with Brenda Warner

The re-awakening of the Caregiver Curmudgeon

We once again join our friends in the Treasure Coast for a
Fearless Caregiver Conference

June 2014

Caregivers offer support to a reader with a challenge, as she cares for her mother.

Hannah and Her Sister (and Their Mom)

Orange is the New Caregiver. A fun video interview with Kate Mulgrew

Nothing bad about a lil’ bit of Sneaky Wisdom

July 2014

Now we officially enter the 20th year of supporting caregivers
599,616,000 Seconds of Service – So Far

Our cover interview with Senator Elizabeth Dole about one of our favorite topics. Supporting Veterans and their caregivers

More responses to last month’s request for Sneaky Wisdom Tips

Great wisdom found in Dallas at the annual N4A conference
Forty Acres and a Caregiver

August 2014

As we exit our 14th annual Summer of Respite. A few words from Dad.
The Couch Conversations
Shocking news about Robin Williams passing... And a Gracious Nanu to You

One more word about battling and beating those fraudsters attacking our loved ones. The Hottest Corner of Hades

September 2014

I can hardly believe that it has been 5 years since a dynamic young woman I knew, loved (and shared a birthday date with) light was extinguished in a most senseless manner. From a distracted driver on the road with her. Please pay attention as you drive, the life you save will be extremely important to your loved ones. STOP the Killer Distraction

13 Years on...a remembrance

October 2014

Will be on the road for 7 of the next 8 weeks and all of the bad airline seats, coffee and road food, traffic jams and missing home is all worth it, since I get to spend time with my favorite folks in the world—family and professional caregivers. The wisdom that is shared at the Fearless Caregiver Conferences is worth any amount of delayed flights. And we get to meet some truly wise folks like this exceptional receptionist... Keeping our Loved Ones Safe at Home

And sometimes the events right here at home allow us to celebrate with family and loved ones... The Gift of Mom

Our own special ode to a scary, not when your Sister-in-Law comes snooping around on her annual visit... A Halloween Ode to Caregiving

November 2014

I have found that true heroes are the ones that most do not to be referred to as heroes... The Word Unspoken

In Phoenix: we meet some of the Grandest Parents of them all when it comes to caregiving. By the time I got to Phoenix

20 years later: learned lessons and shared wisdom. 20 Years Before

December 2014

Remembering lessons of the Fall and Winter...On Dancer... Early Gifts for All

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