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Dear Diary



January 2013 

The first Fearless Caregiver Conference of the year hosted right near the world that Walt built includes some really tremendous caregivers.  Caregiver Thought Leader panel was a big hit

The Doctoring the Doctor Principle

February 2013 

Lincoln’s birthday month leading to caregivers putting their two cents of advice in. Priceless.

Ask Gary: Planes, Trains or Automobiles

March 2013 

Didn’t know that Rhoda was a caregiver, Did’ja?

Newsletter 3/7/13

My seventeenth anniversary of attending the American Society on Aging conference. Learn many things each year. This year I learned an important lesson about elevators.

A Family Caregiver’s Elevator Speech

April 2013 

Release of our new book, The Caregiving Ties That Bind, about the lessons learned through our conversations with caregivers with famous faces.

Newsletter 7/11/13 

A shocking bombing in Boston. Once again, Heroism trumps horror every time. When will these kind of things ever end?

Fearlessly Forward 

May 2013 

An EPIC award gratefully accepted. So much more needs to be done for our loved ones living with mental health challenges.

Newsletter 5/9/13

The 125th Fearless Caregiver Conference (Stuart, Fl), A Day of The Two Mikes. Lots of legal, medical, clinical trial and end of life questions and concerns answered.

Newsletter 5/23/13

June 2013

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Take it from me, you need to be aware of the signs of potential abuse and take appropriate action.


Why we do what we do.

Newsletter 6/27/13

July 2013

6,575 Days Later

Newsletter 7/4/13

Event 126... A lollapalooza of partnerships, awards, advice and wisdom.

The True Partnerships
A Gathering of Wisdom

August 2013

The Chronicles of Euginia begin. “I would be so grateful if you could recommend something to help me get through these difficult days.”

Newsletter 8/8/13

Suffer unto thee, the word Suffer nevermore and various other Caregiver Curmudgeon’s Communication Commandments.

Caregiver Curmudgeon’s Communication Commandments

September 2013

As the school year starts: let us take a moment to care for those who care for us

Newsletter 9/12/13

An anniversary we do not look forward to. If you text and drive. Stop. Distracted driving kills and maims.

Newsletter 9/19/13

October 2013

The chill is in the air. And the holidays (and relative visits are a’comin.) Be prepared.

Newsletter 9/26/13
Newsletter 10/31/13

In honor of the 22 year of dad’s passing, we are telling stories and sharing wisdom. He would have loved it!

Newsletter 10/10/13 turns 18th. I guess I have to hand over the car keys now.

Newsletter 10/24/13

November 2013

A caregiver insurance plan for Thanksgiving. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Newsletter 11/14/13

Detectives all. How to Sleuth-abrate the holidays.

Newsletter 11/27/13

December 2013

We are sprucing up for the holidays and that includes a brand sparkling new newsletter design.

Newsletter 12/5/13

How about an early resolution for all smokers (which would be a great Christmas gift for your loved ones as well)

Newsletter 12/19/12

‘tis the season for us to hold the all-important Board of Directors’ meetings. And by that, I mean having a meaningful meeting with the adult members of your families who will be sharing holiday tables with you in these coming weeks. It only makes sense, if you are the CEO of Caring for My Loved One, Inc., that your family members who are not involved with the day-to-day details of caring for your shared loved one are, in effect, your Board of Directors (for better or for worse).

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