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Dear Diary



January 2009 - President Obama is sworn in as the 44th President in US history.  And what a time in history it is!

There have been many messages tossed out throughout this elongated campaign season and into the new administration. One message in particular that caught my attention as a caregiver was actually demonstrated throughout the concert at the Lincoln Monument held this past Sunday. Not only was Hollywood emptied out for the day between the actors and musical stars that performed, but I was taken by the events title, “We Are One.”

We Are One –says it all

Newsletter 01/22/09

February 2009 - At the end of the day, one of the most important elements of successful caregiving is learning to reach out to those who are the greatest caregiving experts-your fellow caregivers. This is important to do no matter where you meet another family caregiver and regardless of the age, illness or care situation with which they are dealing. I guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised at what you learn from them as well as what you are able to teach them. Lesson learned.

Newsletter 03/13/09

March 2009 - We just spent a wonderful if not somewhat drizzly day with a room full of newly minted Fearless Caregivers at the first annual Nashville Fearless Caregiver Conference. There were so many lessons learned from the family and professional caregivers we met this week that I could fill many newsletters with their advice (and probably will.)

Newsletter 03/27/09

April 2009 - Let’s see, first we blend in an international monetary crisis, add a heaping fistful of mortgage meltdown, mix in essence of, recession, simmer quickly and when hot, add in two wars, a sizzling dash of partisan division in Washington and stir it all up rapidly. Hmm, I think there’s something missing from this stew. Oh yes, here it is—a pinch of pandemic. And now, set it all to boil.

I unfortunately now understand what the old Chinese curse means: May you live in interesting times.

Newsletter 04/29/09

May 2009 - I received an email from a friend I have not seen in many moons. He had moved to Europe a decade ago and has created a new life for himself, including a lovely wife whom he met while overseas and a new baby. The email I received was, on many levels, quite disconcerting.

Newsletter 05/21/09

June 2009 - As Father's Day rapidly approaches, I would like to take a moment to honor the male caregivers in this world. Some examples of dedicated male caregivers that come to mind are my friend Steve, who moved to India with his ailing parents, to ensure that they were both able to have affordable healthcare for as long as they lived. (He is back stateside living in Iowa.) Another one, of course, is Carlos Gibbons, Leeza’s dad, who was a steadfast and unwavering partner in care to his wife, Jean.

Newsletter 06/11/09

July 2009 - This coming Fourth of July marks the fourteenth anniversary of Today’s Caregiver magazine. By the way, the fourteenth anniversary present is jewelry. I’m not picky—diamonds, emeralds, whatever can fit in a mail pouch is fine with me. In reviewing the past 168 months of publishing, I am most grateful for the articles, poems and stories that have been passed over the transom by family caregivers.

Newsletter 07/02/09

August 2009 - I received a lot of responses to last week’s article about the digital edition of Today’s Caregiver magazine. The comments about the magazine itself were very rewarding, but the confusion came with how much it would cost to subscribe. The answer is simple: the cost to subscribe to the digital edition of Today’s Caregiver magazine is zip. Nada. Absolutely nothing. No cost.

Newsletter 08/06/09

September 2009 - This fall, as I travel the country to host Fearless Caregiver Conferences in rural, urban and suburban communities, I know that I am traveling to discover the wisdom that is within each and every family caregiver I will encounter along the way. Every conversation I have with family caregivers is guaranteed to add one extra piece to the caregiving puzzle that I hope to share with you and in the pages of Today's Caregiver magazine.

Newsletter 09/02/09

October 2009 - I must say that the first event of the rural Fearless Caregiver tour is off to a great start. I woke up yesterday morning in Wisconsin Dells at the hotel in which the conference was being held and threw open the curtains to find that it had been raining for some time. Not a good sign. But there were only five participants that did not show up and they had all emailed the night before with apologies and there were five walk-ins to make up the difference.

Newsletter 10/07/09

November 2009 - I’ve been traveling the highways and byways this fall talking with caregivers in rural serving communities. Not only have I driven through some of the most beautiful parts of the country, and had some of the freshest and most memorable food, but I have also met with rooms filled with motivated, caring and giving caregivers. In fact, after one such event in Waterloo, Iowa, put on by the good folks at the Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging, the word that resonates through my mind is – sneaky.

Newsletter 11/11/09

December 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the house
A caregiver was scurrying,
Caring for her dear spouse;
His stockings were placed
Upon his feet with great care
In hopes he felt well enough to step
out for some fresh air

Newsletter 12/23/09


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