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Dear Diary


2007- 2008

January 2007 - The year starts with a personal caregiving situation.  Family loved ones who I have referred to as Anita and Fred.  Like any good Fearless Caregiver, the first thing I did was to reach out to my fellow caregivers for advice and wisdom, which I received in mass quantities.  The year also starts out with a tremendous interview with MS advocate, Montel Williams.


P.S. it is really turning into the year(s) of the dog, and that is a good thing.


February 2007 - Congratulations to our friends at National Respite Coalition for their hard work bringing to fruition the Lifespan Respite Care Act was signed by the president late last year. Unfortunately, Washington being Washington, the good fight is not yet over.  


March 2007 - As everyone who travels for work these days can attest, it is not so much fun anymore. Learning new skills necessary to be able to strip, empty bags, recloth and repack yourself on the run as you follow the endless pace of the security conveyer belt.  Hopscotch has never been so little fun. Not to mention delays and being squiched into unpadded airline seats. BUT, every little inconvenience is more than worth it, because there are usually a wonderful group of family caregivers on the other end of the trip. P.S. we are excited that Florida’s new Secretary of the Department of Elder Affairs joined us for the first annual Miami Fearless Caregiver conference (conference number 58, for those who are counting) 



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